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The book "Laver la laine/Scouring wool" is published
148 pages, bilingual French/English

Poster inside "Wool scouring plants in Europe"

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A new website is planned for the autumn!!!


July 2019 : The new ATELIER magazine is published

But, sorry, only in French!!!

The exhibition "Wools of Europe"

Wool, originating with the wild sheep, has made it possible for man to be more comfortably dressed for millenia. For a long time, it fed spindles, wheels and weaving looms then it was one of the pillars of European industrial development.
Today, it is merely a dull raw material in declining demand. Breeders get rid of sheep, factories close.
A.T.E.L.I.E.R. (European Association for Study, Liaison, Innovation, Research into Textiles) is an association whose members are breeders (sheep, Mohair goats, cashmere rabbits or alpacas), shearers, spinners, weavers or knitters, small industrialists or craftsmen, artists or researchers...
Refusing to accept market forces and impassioned by this subject, they have recreated the "wool sector" and constitute a network which is gradually extending throughout Europe.
A new CE regulation lays down the health rules as regards animal by-product as greasy wool. Fore more information. please contact the association ATELIER-Wools of Europe

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