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Three video cassettes:
1 - La laine et l'homme Wool and mankind
2 - Une toison de qualité
From the sheep to the fleece
3 - La laine en Europe, un patrimoine vivant
Wool processing in Europe; a common textile heritage
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Directors: René Mannent et Martine Armand (Direct Video).
Pictures: René Mannent et Gilles Charensol.
Editing: Martine Armand. Music: Michel Chaupin
Scientific advisers: Daniel Allain (INRA) ; Dominique Cardon (CNRS); Rémy Cazals, historian ;
Christian des Touches, wool expert; Christian Julia (ITF); Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, ethnologist.


Since the Neolithic era, man has been interested in the moulting of the wild sheep which developed into the wool of sheep. A few millenia later, wool remains an essential product, with multiple uses, but whose history is little known to the public .

These films present many sheep breeds, explain the various stages of the transformation of wool , past and present: shearing, washing, carding and combing, spinning, weaving...



Wool and mankind
a documentary film " general public " - duration: 26 minutes
8000 years of history, the moulting of the wild sheep to the fleece of our current sheep.
Man by taming it developed a quite different wool
that must from now on be shorn occasionally.
Seen under the microscope , the wool reveals its secrets.
From shorn fleece to the manufacture of clothing, mattress or carpet ,
men have moved from the traditional craft to industrial technology.
The spinning mills close, the price of raw wool depends on the world levels,
wool is in crisis!
However, there are 100 million sheep in Europe
and initiatives are being set up
to continue the long mutual adventure of the man, of the sheep and wool...

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From the sheep to the fleece
A documentary film intended for breeders, shearers, wool, schools of agriculture...
duration: 14 minutes
Down the centuries, wool evolved tremendously
thanks to the selection and to the care lavished by the stockbreeders.
After the skill of collecting wool good preparation of the shearing shed
and the know-how of a professional shearer are essentials.
Classification and sorting will make it possible to pack a clean fleece
and will guarantee, after manufacture,
sweaters, fabrics, covers, carpet or mattress of quality.

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Wool processing in Europe; a common textile heritage
A documentary film intended for schools, museums, historians, craftsmen, wool.
duration: 17 minutes
In Europe, techniques of manufacturing wool
evolved thanks to the exchanges of machinery between countries, but also thanks to the craftsmen who transmitted their know-how during their journeys.
Over the centuries, machinery replaced manual skills ,
but principles often remained the same.
Combing, carding, spinning mill, weaving, dyeing,...
a journey through the techniques, the countries and time.

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