Complete text of the Charter

The members of ATELIER commit themselves to:


  • Use local raw materials with, as far as wool is concerned, a rigorous selection and guarantee of its origin. Constant care is to be exercised in applying the results of research for improving breeding technology by developing contacts between producers, shearers and scientific experts. The raw material cannot, in any circumstances, be bought from wholesalers without a certificate of origin.
  • Progress towards the full mastery of the production chain (production, processing, marketing). As far as possible, processing should be carried out by the members themselves. In the case of sub-contracting, there must be constant control, at all stages, of the execution and the integral restitution of the product. Processing should be as diversified as possible if the wool is to fulfil all its potential.
  • Set up a network of mutual aid to function at all levels (training, purchase of materials, participation in markets, exhibitions and congresses, the production of a joint catalogue, etc.). The diversity of products and the raw materials allows for complementarity that excludes competition. A combined effort should be made to promote among consumers, official bodies, etc. the activities of ATELIER members.
  • No individual taking part in the processing of an ATELIER product must be subjected to any exploitation whatsoever. Processing cannot take place in any country that does not respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or in any enterprise where the working conditions are not in accordance with respect for human dignity.
  • Promote products by using quality label which guarantees the precise origin of the materials, the place of processing and the methods of work used.

Head office: ATELIER-Laines d'Europe, c/o Filature de Chantemerle - F 05330 Saint Chaffrey
Tel +33 (0)4 92 25 71 88
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